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In choosing a study overseas program in Europe, you will need to know the city your family will enjoy your house all through your own keep. Browse here at københavn to read why to see it. So allow DIS expose you to Copenhagen, one of the world’s many livable cities and also the money associated with Denmark, the united states with the most memorable populace on earth!

Copenhagen: Experience the fresh
Copenhagen is really a helpful, open up city full of cute cafés, different golf clubs that often sponsor international bands and DJs, cool clothes stores along with a great number of thoroughly clean recreational areas as well as shorelines. Due to an excellent carry program, compact city middle, bicycle paths almost everywhere and DIS’ location, living and spirit regarding Copenhagen are easy to discover.

Small-town Metropolis
Copenhagen is a city of 1.8 thousand folks. It's the capital regarding Denmark as well as the core Danish-Swedish Øresund Location, using a human population of 3.eight million. However it has an appealing small-town environment associated with friendliness, sexual relations as well as safety.

A heavy system associated with jogging roads, piazzas as well as waterfronts include the old the downtown area region exactly where DIS is located. Denmark could be a good ultra-efficient country, but Danes know how to relax and have fun. You'll truly enjoy the comfy vibe with this occurring Eu capital.

Thrilling and artistic Copenhagen
Copenhagen has a long-established history of as a stylish and culturally forward-thinking money, together with sleek design, excellent purchasing, concert events, native movie theatre, fests as well as well-dressed locals. Street artwork, galleries, ground-breaking architecture, cultural dining establishments, the actual Noble Safari and open-air brighten activities full the reality of a dynamic European funds.

A secure, livable town
Denmark can be a little nation, using a balance regarding Scandinavian and also European affects. We have been pleased with our democracy and the resolve for peace as well as security for everyone. Copenhagen like a city is incorporated in the identical league. Though the capital city, Copenhagen includes a relatively low criminal offense rate and personal safety factors are large.

An urban area having a background
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