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Looking for ways to be beautiful? Welcome to Beauty Glossips! Check out my blog for tips, tricks and fun ways to get beautiful :)

Who am I? A skincare obsessor, makeup lover and a huge animal lover. Being daughter to a certified aroma therapist/esthetician, the love for skincare and makeup is fused into my blood. Started learning about skincare when I was a kid assisting mom in her beauty clinic. Two decades later I am married to the son of one of the most sought after Ayurvedic doctors in India which has only pumped up my passion for natural skincare and cosmetics. Mom to three beautiful golden retrievers. Has a very unhealthy obsession for anything beauty. Believes cleanliness should be a religion (Okay! It's hard when you have golden retrievers). Events Consultant when not blogging.

I hope you enjoying exploring my blog :)

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