Koefoed Peterson

I have a quick question to ask you... 'do you know How-To setup your own BLOG and FEED so you Too may take advantage of all the gains Blogs and RSS( Real Simple Syndication) need to provide you and your organization'?

Your not alone, In the event that you answered NO.

I did not often previously, but that did not stop me from finding out How-To by myself.

Therefore ostensibly, what I am wanting to say is by the time you finish reading this short article you'll be a master at creating your own Blogs and RSS Feeds in a matter of minutes by merely following my simple 'Step-by-Step' directions below.

With that said, Buckle Up, set your thinking cap o-n, get your-self a beverage and get ready to learn... Clicking http://www.facebook.com/orange.county.seo.company probably provides suggestions you should use with your girlfriend.

'HOW-TO Create Your Own Website and FEED In Less Than 5 Minutes...'

Know lets head to Step number 1.

Stage no 1. Go set-up a free account with Blogger.com.

That is most likely the easiest part of all, that is simply creating an Blogger.com account at http://www.blogger.com.

Go there right now. It'll take you to Blogger.com's homepage.

Once there, you'll see a red arrow pointing to the right that says...'Create Your Website Now.'.. click on it.

That's Step no 1.

Action #2. Producing your account with Blogger.com.

In the event that you thought Step #1 was easy than Step #2 is a breeze.

Just decide on a Username and Password that you'll remember followed by your Email Address.( You do not have-to use much of your email tackle, you can use a Free Of Charge web-based email account like Hotmail or Yahoo! If you prefer. Your choice.)

Then check always the-box that says 'I accept the Terms of Service.'

Now continue by clicking on the arrow that says... 'Continue.'

That is Step number 2.

Action # 3. Identifying your Blog.( Very IMPORTANT!)

Now, depending on what your Site is about your going to want to use your target 'Key words' within the name of your Blog, its explanation and the URL.

this is what the Search Engine spiders are likely to see first and there is a very good reason for this simply.

They will be first seen by them within your Blog name which can be at the top o