Doyin Olorunfemi

Beauty Consultant in Purfleet, United Kingdom

I have lived in Purfleet since 2004, and atthe end of 2016, I resolved to DO MY BIT in making Purfleet better.

On a drive through Purfleet, just before Christmas, I noticed the improvements that had been made to the local primary school, and even though my children didnt attend the school, I chose it as my 'Business Fundraising Project' in 2017.

I immediately contacted, Teresa, the PTA chair and asked how I could help and if there were any needs, and she shared with me the PTA's goal of buying playground equipment.

I am a Mary Kay consultant and in my 14years with the company, I have totally embraced the 'BEAUTY THAT COUNTS' philosophy of beautifying lives as I beautify faces! You might have seen me driving past you in my Pink Mary Kay car :-). Besides being a source of income, I always seek for ways of using my business to meet needs and make a difference.

For this particular project, here's what we plan to do:

1. Click on the button above to schedule a fun Mary Kay party with friends or people who live on the same street as you (maximum 5 people including you)

2. I will contact you to agree date & time and explain what it entails to you.

3. On the agreed day, I will arrive 30mins before to create a customised make-over for you and treat your friends to a pampering session. You can be sure your friends will learn about skin care and have a FUN time.

4. All your friends will get a gift for showing up.

5. Mary Kay products will be offered for sale at the end of the presentation and a portion of the profit will be donated to the PTA for the school project

6. You as the hostess will get a FREE gift from me for inviting your friends and opening up your home

7. Lastly, you will be entered into a drawing to win a SPA day when the school does the 2107 Christmas Fayre, so the more parties you host, the better your chances!

Click on the button above to enable me get the ball rolling!