Sheila Edens-Brown

Feel Beautiful. Look Beautiful. Be Beautiful. Inside and Out! You are uniquely you!

I have a passion for women and love playing dress up and make up.I believe that we are unique in our own way and it is only by knowing who we are that we are able to develop that uniqueness. So, I am dedicated to helping others design their lives and find that uniqueness that belong to you, from a mentally, physical and spiritual point of view and empowering you with the tools to nurture your potential within and renew your mind, body, and soul.

I am an image consultant, make-up artist, certification training in both. My passion consists of being an image consultant, make-up artist and fashion coordinator, specializing in the mature figure woman and women of color. My experience includes sales, marketing, customer service, management presentations and speaking skills. Speaking is a passion of mine and I have presented workshops and seminars on Self-Esteem, Dressing for Success, Christian Women Are Beautiful, Pampering Yourself and various others.

Let me help you to connect with your passion, work your strengths and discover the uniqueness that belongs to you.