Beau Williams

Student, Musician, and Writer in Jackson, Tennessee

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Beau Williams is proud to have been Tennessee native for the entirety of his life. He grew up in the heart of Nashville and lived his teenage years in Kingston Springs. Perhaps it was living so close to music city that sparked Beau’s love of music. Beau plays guitar, banjo, drums and bass. Currently Beau is 22 years old and is majoring in English and minoring in Public Relations at Union University in Jackson, TN. During his time at Union, Beau has been active on campus as a Life Group leader as well as working for the library. Beau is also a member of the award winning Union University Debate team.

Beau is not entirely sure of what he wants to do after college, but he knows that music will definitely be involved. He is passionate about creating, listening to and writing about music. He also is passionate about using social media as a tool foster community. Beau has experience interviewing bands and writing about music. Some of his articles have been featured in the Cardinal and Cream as well as on different blogs in the past. Beau is looking forward to see where his passion takes him. He also loves dogs and memes.