Stemming from a passion for overland motorcycle touring, this is an effort to share those joys, vistas and experiences through handpicked routes in India and other places. Most adventurers are boggled down by the sheer chaos of logistics and lack of trust on local “touring companies” only to settle down for a lesser fulfilling journey. We have been there, we have done that.

That is where we step in.

Beaux Adventures helps eliminate any surprises related to motorcycle touring after you fly almost half the world across to get there. Even if you are local and are not burdened with logistics problem, our top of the line Enduro motorcycles will entice you. Just like you wouldn’t take a sedan to Moab, you wouldn’t ride a classic cruiser on the Himalayan terrain. No one else in the industry plies an all Enduro fleet. Oh! Did we mention? We also blend in eco-travel into your adventure allowing you to experience rustic countryside like no other.