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Beau Yotty

Beau Yotty

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, 30 miles outside of Seattle, Washington. As a child I watched my larger than life heroes Stallone, Schwarzenegger and the action stars of the day. While spending my childhood on the baseball diamond or on the football field, I was also preparing himself to one day be up there on the Big Screen. Athletics and fitness, in the back of my mind, would prepare me physically for future roles in film. While continuing to play football and baseball in college, I decided to hone my acting skills at the University. Since the age of 18, I have dedicated myself to study and feed my internal passion for the craft. I have written several screenplays and a soon to be released SAG short film “Desperation”. We are currently in pre-production for an Action/Drama film I wrote.

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Beau’s future goals include taking on challenging roles and making films in Hollywood.