E6762 Hanson LnWestby, WI 54667, United States608-634-4880http://beaverbasementwaterproofing.comBeaver Basement Waterproofing is Westby, WI’s top choice for foundation repair. For over 20 years,these basement waterproofing contractors have provided the tri-state area witheffective wet basement solutions, affordable prices, and outstanding customerservice. If you’ve got a leaky basement, leave it up to Beaver BasementWaterproofing to fix it.Want towaterproof your home? Beaver Basement Waterproofing is here at your service.Whether your basement is already flooded or you want to prevent water damage fromhappening to your property, these trained technicians can inspect your home,find the problem, and offer a long-term solution.From waterproofing systeminstallation to casement crack repair, check out everything that BeaverBasement Waterproofing can do for your commercial or residential property:Indoor Gutter Systems: To keep your basement dry, Beaver BasementWaterproofing will install the Beaver System—a state-of-the-art indoor guttersystem designed to re-route water to a drain or pump.Drain Tiles: An integral component of any storm water drainage system, drain tilesfrom Beaver Basement Waterproofing re-direct water to storm drains and preventit from pooling up around the foundation.Basement Sealing: Since the only way to eliminate leakage is to seal up all potentialentrance points, Beaver Basement Waterproofing will protect your property fromwater damage by securing your indoor spaces from floor to ceiling, keepingmoisture out.Wall Straightening:Beaver Basement Waterproofing is equipped with the tools andknow-how to straighten walls and prevent wide-scale structural damage thatcould occur if not handled properly.Foundation Repair:No matter whether there’s a hairline crack in your wall or yourfoundation has fallen into disrepair, call Beaver Basement Waterproofing to sealup the cracks and return your property to its original condition, keeping yourhome or business safe and dry.Providing these services and more, Beaver Basement Waterproofing is Wisconsin's best solution for a leaky basement and foundation. Contact BeaverBasement Waterproofing today for a free estimate by calling (608)634-4880, or visit them online for more information.