Seer of Rage in the United States

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Hello there I'm Amelia! If you're reading this, then I would assume that means that you'd like to follow me. Here's just a lil bit about me:

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β€’I may sometimes vent about my problems on here and it MAY be triggering to some(?)

β€’I use she/her pronouns

β€’I can be quite slow/don't understand things immediately so please be patient

β€’I am a Ravenclaw

β€’I am also the Seer of Rage

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Ah yes, now kins. These kins I'm about to list below are 100% me, and do not follow me at all if you kin with them:

πŸŒ™-Lucy Heartfilia [Fairy Tail]

πŸŒ™-Hermione Granger [Harry Potter]

πŸŒ™-Bebe Stevens [South Park]

πŸŒ™-Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug [Miraculous Ladybug]

πŸŒ™-Sonia Nevermind [Danganronpa]

πŸŒ™-Nozomi Tojo [Love Live]

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These characters here are about 80% me. Still don't follow me:

🌸-Yachi Hitoka [Haikyuu!!]

🌸-Touka Kirishima [Tokyo Ghoul]

🌸-Shinoa Hīragi [Owari no Seraph]

🌸-Emi Yusa [Devil is a Part Timer]

🌸-Patty Thompson [Soul Eater]

🌸-Dawn [Pokémon]

🌸-Quinn Fabray [Glee]

🌸-Kotoko Utsugi [Danganronpa]

🌸-Hatsune Miku [Vocaloid]

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These are about 50% me, you can follow but don't expect me tag you:

πŸͺ-Nepeta Leijon [Homestuck]

πŸͺ-Meulin Leijon [Homestuck]

πŸͺ-Jade Harley [Homestuck]

πŸͺ-Belgium [Hetalia]

πŸͺ-Sayaka Maizono [Danganronpa]

πŸͺ-Gou/Kou Matsuoka [Free!]

πŸͺ-Red Tucker [South Park]

πŸͺ-Momoi Satsuki [Kuroko no Basket]

πŸͺ-Vestal [Darkest Dungeon] (I only like being tagged, I don't kin at all with this one)

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That about does it! One last thing is that I will not tag you as any of my friends' kins (if you'd like to know some of them just ask!!)

If you read this and still wish to follow me, just DM me telling me you read this and I'll be happy to accept!


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