Hi everyone!

Someone might already know me, someone might not. For the latter, I introduce myself as follow.

Since I was a child, I felt like I had two distinct personalities so I grew up with right and left brain walking through two different roads.

The first half of me is extremely analytic, loves mathematics and makes me be very dutiful: I'm the daughter who each father would wants.

The second half is ruled by art, passion for travelling and water activities.

Until now, it doesn't sound really strange... but my problem is that I'm not able to conciliate these two parts of me.

The result is that I live a confused life: my soul shouts me to leave everything and just leave while my conscience remembers me I can't.

Maybe a day I will understand which part I have to listen to, but until that day I'll continue to hear my sense of duty, feeding my soul with as many travels I can.