Bebe Yang

Seoul, Korea

I am straight . I am really picky when it comes to relationships . When I'm in a relationship , I don't like everyone knowing I'm with you or like the whole world knows about it . I just want friends (or maybe family) to know . The reason why is because if everyone in the world knows , they might be siding you the guy instead of me -.- like no , just no . I like the guy to actually be the guy of the relationship , not the girl . I want someone who will make my day , entertain me , and talk to me like we are best friends , because if you aren't like that , then Imma get bored of you . ✋ I LOVE guys who can dance and sing really good ! It's like 'omg , kill me now ~' . Examples are: •Kim JinHwan But I'll be in love with JinHwan anyways he is just urgh ... Damn perff ! But he is just a korean idol anyways >.> Well anyways , feel free to talk to me and stuff ! I don't bite ;) - I'm crushing right now aha (11.28.2k14) Thanks for reading !

  • Work
    • JYP Entertainment
  • Education
    • SM Entertainment (SM TOWN)
    • Hmong College Prep Academy(HCPA)
    • SMTown Star trainee
    • Prairie Seeds Academy