bebe booth

My name is Bebe, I'm a brilliant, intelligent, creative wonder. I have travelled the world, lived through a vast array of experiences, shared my heart and soul with the innocence of a child (transcendent) , bungee jumped off the worlds highest bridge in Plettenburg, SA (liberating), dived with Great White Sharks off the southern tip of the African Continent (incredible), smuggled a Chinese fighting fish down my pants across two boarders (don't ask), once tried to save a dying Magpie, almost cost me my eyesight (stupid), raced through a field on the back of an ostrich (hilarious), performed with my band on the roof top of the largest hotel in India for a billionaire's birthday party (ridiculous), lived in the Penthouse of the Mandarin Oriental for 5 months in Macau (intoxicating), drag raced my best friends race truck only to win 3 out of 5 races against male competitors in Calgary Alberta (exhilarating), experienced the wonder of a safari in south africa (spectacular), explored the Taj Mahal in the city of Agra (captivating), celebrated halloween at the HILLTOP TEA HOUSE in Hong Kong (outlandish), did several editorials with some of the most flawless models in Venice, Prague and Beelitz (radical), came face to face with a real live ANGEL on a trip from Nashville to Vancouver (life changing), almost lost my life while driving on the back roads of Austria (MIRACULOUS), slept in an igloo in the backwoods of the canadian mountains for 3 nights all by myself (peaceful), had to survive the pain staking winter of the Yukon Territories while rehearing with my band (managers fault), was born on a farm hidden deep in the woods along the ALASKA HIGHWAY, we lived with no electricity, running water, or toilets (INTERESTING), along my travels I filmed a documentary about homelessness, in doing so, I became best friends with my subjects, only to have them change my life (priceless), fed, loved and cared for sick children/orphan's (heart wrenching), i've lived in an abundance of wealth and learnt to survive with only penny's to my name (BRILLIANT). I've experienced the many wonders of this thing called life, and choose to live everyday with the understanding that nothing is impossible to those who BELIEVE. Let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams, if I can do it, so can you.