Sarah "Bebek" Hanifah


Heello ~ I'm from another planets!

Nah thats joke, my alias is Bebek--duck in English. I collect duck stuff for a long time, since 2 years ago. I love how fluffy ducks are. Ehm but MONOCHROME ISN'T BAD RIGHT?

An amateur writer, amateur photographer, amateur actress in film "LIFE". Some say Indonesian people is lazy, and thats a fact--I think. I'm pure Indonesian, and I love Indonesia anyway. Am I a lazy? Maybe true maybe no. You can say I have mood problem, I can changin my mind in just a minute.

How can I love Indonesia? Look at my photo, thats one of so beautiful Indonesia's beach. I have some plan for travelling Indonesia. I really love to eat and read, sometimes I sketching, and sometimes I spend my time for enjoying music or watching some movie. I decide to post about Indonesia then in my wordpress lol.

I really love Japanese anime and manga too, its really interested me lately. I like some of Japanese culture, someday I will visit Japan too.

Creative, caring, big helper, analyst, pure, full of imagination, childish, full of spirit, interesting person, and thats it, my bestie say about me. And my question is why some people said that I'm childish while theres another side said that me like-a-mother-person.

This is about me, interesting? Can we be friend then? :)