Bebo Kobo

London, United Kingdom.

Bebo Kobo is a recognized property developer in London, England as well as internationally.

Chairman and CEO of property conglomerate Camden Market Holdings & Developments, Stanley Sidings, and Stables Market Property Group.

He has been the single driving force in the development of Camden Town over the last two decades, binging it to its iconic status. Camden Town is Europe's 2nd largest tourist attraction.

Mr. Kobo is the majority shareholder of Camden Market Holdings, a property conglomerate. Properties include Camden Market, Stables Market, Camden Lock Village and Developments. Roughly 9 acres of Freehold property in Central London, the largest property owner in Camden Town. Mr. Kobo has been instrumental in securing planning permission to undertake a mixed-use development of the Camden Lock Village into a luxury residential and retail offering.

Mr. Kobo has grown the Camden Markets properties into a massively profitable and robust business. In March of 2014, Mr. Kobo sold large pieces of his holdings to fellow Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi for £440 million.

Prior to purchasing Camden Markets and properties, Mr. Kobo owned a similar market in Miami Florida for a number of years, Opa Lacka Flea Market. With over 4,000 tenants on an 80 Acre site, the market was supported by the Florida House of Representatives. The property was later sold to Hong Kong billionaire Li Kai Shing for $120 million.

Far from property and market developments, Mr. Kobo began his career in the textile and fashion industry in early 1970's. Based out of Hong Kong, Mr. Kobo employed over 15,000 employees and his business spanned across Asia to the United States, while being one of the firs foreigners to pioneer the Chinese textile industry.

Mr. Kobo is a father of 6 children, a philanthropist and an avid suporter of creative arts.