be bold

the smokey mountains. in the woods. near the bears

Well, I am a woman.

A lesbian woman.

A white lesbian woman.

A disabled white lesbian woman.

with a dog.

a service dog.

a PTSD service dog.

he's Luca.

What else?

I have silver hair.

silver hair with a purple streak.

I was born in 1955.

I am 58.

I own a nissan cube.

It's gun metal gray.

I don't drive fast anymore.

I struggle with my relationship with my parents.

my parents are 81.

I'm from north of Boston, Massachusetts.

I've lived in Houston, Texas.

I've lived on the Cape Cod island.

I've lived in Naples, Florida.

I moved to North Carolina two days before christmas in 2005.

I am pagan.

I don't know what I really believe.

I don't wear glasses anymore.

I am not pretty.

I was bullied.

I've bullied.

I have no children.

I've never been married.

I was bisexual.

I am usually cold.

tonight I am hot.


a believer.

I am happy. angry. content. depressed. active. anxious. a homebody. outgoing. talk alot. been mute. appreciative. hostile. never apologize for who I am. not proud of how I got here. accepting of my life. hate my life. drink beer. not very much. hate hard liquor. have never had a martini. never drive drunk. never drive buzzed. don't drink enough water. eat meat. love avocados. and the chiropractor. and laptoping in bed.

I am opinionated. swayable. caring. careful. spiritual. never religious. involved. alone. liked. can drive you to drink. humble. full of myself. wear mens clothes. wear dangly earings, long necklaces and amethyst rings. I have small feet. blue eyes. short fingers. a good brain. a bad back. a decent IQ. temoral lobe epilepsy. PTSD. CRPS - chronic regional pain syndrome. I love sex. I don't take pain meds. much. I love milk.

I am plumpish. not a fem. a little crazy. a lot radical. very liberal. feminist. radical feminist. lover. judgemental.

I am an author. a screenwriter. a poet. a netflixer. a rape victim. an assault survivor. never owned a home. an RN. a graphic designer. i have no website. live on social security disability.

I am a dichotomy. adrogenous. a good cook. I own a blender, a toolbox and a ladder. I am afraid of heights.

I am alive against all odds.

  • Work
    • not any more. well, not much. design from home.
  • Education
    • Registered Nurse. BA Human Services. Graphic Design school.