Becarelli Count Dussi

Born in Florence on‭ ‬13.02.1975


I am RUDY CARABELLA. I am an ART-MANAGER of BECARELLI COUNT DUSSI, who is one the very talented European painters. The artist BECARELLI was born on 13th February 1975 in Florence. He took his high degree with EXCELLENT results in specialty Fine ceramic and glass.The artist COUNT DUSSI is a direct descendant and heir of the famous ARTISTIC DUSSI FAMILY,from Italy, who have preserved so far, the best from what is characteristic of the Italian artistic tradition. Members of the family exclusively concentrated their work on artistic decorations of architectural monuments, emblematic for Florence,Italy, of the period then such as churches, social buildings, monumental sculptures etc.Through his artwork COUNT DUSSI expresses the best qualities of the Italian family artistic tradition and at the same time possesses an exceptional originality, which builds him up as an ingenious artist.His paintings are distinguished for their conceptual depth, delicate structure, and colorful palette. The means of expression that COUNT DUSSI uses are a lot. Originality and aspiration for new art performance are some of his characteristics. BECARELLI believes that his paintings show positive ness and strength which is affirmed by many of his colleagues and critics. I hope that You would appreciate the qualities of the paintings by yourselves.

Rudy Carabella

Company: Dussi Investment Company


Interests: Art, Martial arts, Music, Finance, Travel

Clubs/Organizations : OSMTH