Becca Ramsden

Brighton, East Sussex

I am currently studying Media Practice at Sussex University. I am in my second year, achieving grade 2:1 in my first year. I got a 2:1 in my second year too and on track to get a high 2:1 or a 1st level degree and then end of May 2014. I am strongly interested in persuing a career in TV Production, specifically Documentary or Photography based work.

My skills and experience spread across different medias;

Photography- I have made a project of 8 images focussing on going against the stereotypes of Lesbian couples. One image is displayed as my background. I have used SLR D7000 as my camera. I have previously used Photoshop. I have progressed since this project and finished several other since then. I have also been comissioned to take photographs for different companies.

Video- I have made a 5 minute short film. A short documentary on a local music college in Brighton as my 1st year degree piece. I am currently working on a comissioned 7- 1 hour part project for a personal trainer, to produce music video style workouts to be sold on Itunes. I have also filmed an A Level fashion show to be used by the College on open days. I have used Z1, Z7, D7000 and GoPro 2 to film different projects. I have also used Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X and Premiere. I have also made a short documentary for my second year project where I recieved a 1st degree grade for this piece. I have also worked within in a team to make a promotional video for a local charity.

Sound and Radio- I have used a Marantz to record a soundcloud and a couple of minutes of sound to match an image to make a sound scape.

December 2013, Outgoing Ltd., Les Arcs, France.- I accompanied a freelance photographer in capturing sports and social shots of the guests in resort to use for Outgoings website and advertising.
November 2013, Outgoing Ltd., Edinburgh.- I was commissioned to take sports, landscape and general photos of their clients at Buds (British University Dry Slope Championships) to be used in Outgoings social media and their website.
June 2013- September 2013, Feral Surf, Bordeaux, France.- I spent the summer working at a surf camp assisting the photographer by helping edit and share the photographs on social media. I also planned and arranged the guests for their group holiday photographs they had the option to purchase.
May 2013, Charity Pr