Becca Putt

Orlando, Florida

My name is Becca Putt. I am currently attending Full Sail University to receive my Bachelor's Degree of Science in Entertainment Business. My goal is to create live events that make unforgettable memories for audiences. Music is an amazing way to connect to thousands of people all at one time. I grew up in Huntington Beach, California and currently reside in Orlando, Florida. My heart will always be at the beach. I take pride in my leadership and problem solving skills, while still being able to be a team player. I am extremely outgoing and energetic. I truly treat my friends and respected colleagues as if they were my family. I love being the person that people go to for their problems, so I do everything in my power to make sure I do a good job when someone needs me. I am always loyal, trustworthy, and passionate about things I care about. I do not judge people based on what I've heard and I believe in second chances.

My unique personality and creativity sets me apart from the rest as soon as you meet me. I enjoy standing out. I do not limit myself to having one type of style, one type of friends, or listening to one time of music. I think it is better to be a little bit of everything rather than having to choose one or the other. I bring diversity into my every day life.

I believe that if you want to live your life to the fullest, you must dream big and never stop trying to succeed. In my opinion, living a satisfying life is to experience something new every day and to bring positivity to every situation.

  • Education
    • Full Sail University