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Becca Chandos

I love ballet. I love singing. I love the color pink. I love flamingo's. I love pigs. I love unicorns. I love butterflies. I love dark chocolate. I love bacon. I love a lot more things BUT MOSTLY I LOVE JESUS.

And I'm also a proud supporter of The Adventure Project’s GROW campaign – investing in small farmers in developing countries to alleviate poverty and end hunger…one pump at a time. ONE KickStart irrigation pump increases farmers income by 1000%. Each dollar donated turns into $15 in profits and wages. Farmers can grow enough to feed their families and earn income selling the surplus. That's why I'm ONE. ONE of 1000 who are turning their into about so-much-more.

H4O - Hands 4 Others This is a non-profit organization that was created by teens (yes, teens themselves with no coersion from their parents) for the sole purpose of bringing clean water to villages all over the world that have no clean water source. Visit their website at