Becca Christensen

I am a Chicago-based multi-media artist who specializes in brand identity, digital illustration and print & web design. I completed my first BA in Marketing from the University of Louisville in 2001, and completed my second BA in Interactive Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago in 2012. I am currently writing and illustrating an interactive children's book that will be exhibited at The Manifest Urban Arts Festival in May 2012. The book will include both an online, interactive piece and a physical book with interactive elements. The book, targeted towards kids aged 4-6, will give parents and their kids a platform to talk about how unique their imagination is, and how it can be used as a tool to help them dream. I have worked both in-house, as the creative and brand lead, in addition to working as a freelance designer and multi-media artist for more than ten years. My current work is allowing me the opportunity to hone my digital illustration and design skills.