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becca cozzi

Downers Grove,IL

I am a hardworking Graduate student and single mom that enjoy’s working with people and I am looking for full/part-time employment. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I will be pursuing my Master’s degree part-time this year to finish my Master’s degree to become a Psychologist and I am looking for a good stable job to expand my career experience and monthly support addition for me and my children. I can offer very precise, experienced and excellent working skills in the medical field and as a receptionist; I was in a nursing program for three years and worked as a nurse extern in the pediatric unit of Macneal Hospital. I have a lot of diverse experience working with people such as in customer service, and working with families to help them through hard times when a loved one has a medical issue. I also have many years of experience as a veterinary assistant and receptionist, and I have many years of experience as a waitress and bartender. I enjoy working with people from all diversities and in all different types of situations, and I look forward to having an opportunity to expand my knowledge and working experience. I work very hard and I am very dependable fast learner, and I know I can offer excellent skill s to do the best work for any association.

  • Work
    • Healthcare, receptionist
  • Education
    • B.A in Psychology