Becca Fick

Writer in Columbus, Ohio

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At work I'm a teacher, listener, story-teller, and advocate. Sometimes I'm a writer. As always, I'm a work in progress.

I've got big plans and big dreams, constantly asking myself and others-- What If? I surround myself with others who are committed to doing good work and digging deep.

My day (and evening and weekend) job is an incredible opportunity to help college students discover and maximize their potential and talents. Life is too short to spend every day trying to be someone you're not-- find out what you're good at and get even better.

Brainstorming new ideas, connecting the dots, and finding patterns excites me. I get bored easily but am resurrected by a challenging task or a new project. Taking time to read, write, and reflect rejuvinates me and keep my creative juices flowing.

I’m on a constant quest to know more about everything. As an undergrad I spent time reading and analyzing literature, language, marketing, and writing. In the years following I studied student development, leadership theories, and assessment. Outside the classroom I still keep busy learning new Social Media platforms, marketing techniques, recipes, and some wicked dance moves.

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  • Education
    • Kent State University
    • Ashland University