Becca Horne

Southern U.S.A.

Becca Horne

Southern U.S.A.

LOOKING FOR POETS TO PUBLISH. CONTACT ME. I am a wide-eyed dreamer, a poet and a seeker a "Strange Wonderful Bird." I believe in finding the magic of ordinary days. I am a freelance writer & the American writer for, Jazz in Europe Magazine. I KNOW that life is about creation, energy, kindness and dreams. I am also currently working on an indie doc about Jazz(Jazz Is...) I am blessed with wanderlust. My first book of poems & ponderings, Seasons of a Southern Moon, can now be found at Barnes and


so I dream we

we are sitting face to face

in some diner

and for some reason

Eliington is at the counter

playing the piano

and Jimmy B-

he's there too

and we

you and me

are speaking in tune

with their beat

and the heat.....

well it ain't from the kitchen

but that's what happens

when you snuggle down

with JAZZ on the brain

on a winter's night

in Alabama

broken time speaks

with a drawl

like your eyes speak

to mine

in double time

on a winter's night

in Alabama

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