Becca Lopez

Web Developer and Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Hi, thanks for stopping by at my page. Let me share you just a bit about me...

When I'm at work, I do Web Design and Development, Virtual Assistant (admin, research, online marketing, etc) and other business stuff.

I am currently expanding my skills and knowledge in Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP Development, and LIFE IN GENERAL...

When I'm NOT at work, I garden, work-out, blog, volunteer, and other things that I know will help me improve my well-being and contribute to others.

I WANNA BE a Psychologist, an Inspirational Speaker, a Writer, a Singer/Musician, a Film Director, a Philanthropist, a Great Mom and Wife, and an Astronaut (really???)... well, just wanna actually fly to the moon :) ... rolled into one! :-)

Me in a nutshell... simple, a dreamer, ambitious, perceptive, humble student, persistent, funny at times ... and I love God.

You can visit me at my site:

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