Becci Hey

Photography has been a hobby and passion of mine for many years. At the age of nine I was very fortunate to have been given my first SLR camera and I have since that time lived the majority of my life through a lens!
I spend a lot of time painting and drawing and I now incorporate this with my photography work. Looking through a lens transports me in to another world, one where I can observe patterns, shapes, detail and colour in both natural and man made objects. I particularly enjoy taking close up macro botanical portraits of flowers. I have always loved flowers, plants and trees. The range of textures, colour and form in the plant world is amazing and often goes unnoticed, Using a macro lens really opens my eyes to small details in life and when I began taking photographs of flowers it was as though I had begun to look at them for the very first time. My images are modern, colourful and artistic, with an almost fine art painting appearance to them.
I strive to be different with my work and if there are any rules I probably break them, but taking photographs is a real joy for me and something that I am totally passionate about.