Norm Becerra

Southern California

Norm Becerra

Southern California

Norman is a Very interesting Cat. He travels from place to place and cleans and organizes the location to help the people that live there. He enjoys the process, even though it takes hours upon hours for it to be finished. If he charged money for this service then nobody would be able to afford to have their place cleaned and organized. He does this out of love, for friends and family and will stay days and even weeks until the job is finished. He believes that every hour of his life should be spent directly in service to others instead of himself. He is conflicted with the idea of working for money and selling an hour of his time when that hour could help someone get free from their logistical baggage. At the same time he is working towards bigger ideas to free himself from the cycle of poverty that holds so many people down. He is currently fallen behind in the technology and communication department as well as the self care department. By Adopting This Cat, you will help him get the tools necessary to move at the speed of society. He will use the adoption donations to pay for:

1 year phone service

1 Nexus 4 Google Phone

go to specialized schools:

Tech Shop


First Aid Training

Music Lessons

In exchange for being adopted he will continue to help others and manage Adopt this Cat to help other unsung heros.

  • Work
    • Creative thinker
  • Education
    • BA Anthropology