Be Champion Movement

Be Champion Movement

Our mission is to engage, challenge, self-educate, collaborate to create/change/empower people to-become more meaningful AND impactful.

Our "Be Champion" charitable & transparent movement aims to become a major Catalyst to "activate" individuals, companies and communities.

Rich or poor should be activated & motivated enough to challenge themselves to 'be better'... (they can then search for solutions, from studying /self-improvement to making money or just giving back/help charities)

Our future lies with Self-improvement by challenging oneself to help make a "Champion world"!

Let's stop whining, complaining as people still "complain/whine" despite not being cold, hungry nor desolate.

Some might argue that, it is much more productive to change the negative energy into positive and 'make something for yourself and others': what ever that might be, whether you are rich, poor, socially inept or indeed second generation rich like Paris Hilton.

"Be Champion" is a "LONG TERM" culture changing movement, not focusing on anyone's careers or selling more books/products. It is not only about us but everyone else.

Hope by all our efforts, we can build a positive legacy we can leave for future generations, namely our kids & their kids and on & on.

Positive impacts Must still be felt in 20 to 30years through stories, music, entertainment to family traditions.

GOAL: everyone should be able to 1) identify with, 2) internalise and 3) BE and finally he/she will also be able to Make/enable future champions!

Hope by all our efforts, we can build a positive legacy we can leave for our kids & their kids.