Becka Grace

Rebecka Soliz (who goes by Becka Grace) started her dancing career at the age of three. Her dream is living in New York and studying dance/choreography. In her spare time, she writes down dances and puts them in binders.

Along with her dream in dance, she also very passionate about the written word, and public speaking. She plans on writing books, and giving speeches to young people all around the country about following their dreams no matter what it is, or how they are living now.

"The ones who succeed are not of riches are not of poor, are not of of intelligence, are not of ignorance, nor the common man, but of common sense.

Those who do greatly need not affirmation, need not judgment, need not a hand, need not a push, nor need acceptance, but to be of their own soul.

That is the difference between the ones who fly and tho ones who fall.

You must understand that it is not of your background, your present, your future, but of your mind, and your drive."

-Becka Grace