Rebecca Jane Williams

Newport, Wales

I'm an 18 year old student from Wiltshire, England that is currently studying a degree in Creative and Therapeutic Arts. After completing A-level Art and Design I knew I wanted to pursue a carer in Art.

After having a differcult 3 years leading up to university I decided I wanted to help others that were going through the same problems I have faced in high school and 6th form.

As art helped me through this time I started to look into art and how it helps people in therapy and that is when I stumbled across Creative and Therapeutic Arts.

I worked with children for 4 years before coming to university at a child care club in the local area and I loved working along side all the different kids and meeting all of their unique personalities. Working along children made me realise that I would love nothing more than to work along side them in the future.

I also realised that I wanted to work along side teenagers too, as a teenage going through problems myself I wanted to help them cope with their issues like I would of wanted help myself at that age.

After suffering a mental illness, I want to go into working at a mental health ward in a hosiptal as an art theropist, as I would love to help children and teenagers express there emotions that they go through while suffering with a mental illness through the form of art in a postive way instead of an negative way like I endured.

I believe that I can make a difference to these peoples lifes throught the medium of art and as I can relate closely to the people I want to work with I would like to think I can help them like I would of wanted someone to help me.

  • Work
    • Previously a child care assistant
  • Education
    • University of South Wales