Becka Jeans Photography

1). Im the only girl of three 2). Ive learned that life isnt a fairytale and you have to work for what you want!. 3). For the first 5 mins of meetin me, Ill be a lil shy. After that youll be wishin for me to shut up. 4). Obviously, photography is my life!. 5). Ima single mother, but we all make mistakes I dont regret get, but Ive learned my lesson. 6). Ima small town gal with a heck of an accent and a passion for horses and chillin in the pasture til the sun goes down. 7). Im one of those that dance 'round the house like your a retard to loud music while cleanin kinda girls. 8). Ive lost a child and honestly grateful for my Ryleigh Bug. 9). My family is my world!. Though they annoy me 10% of the time, but I knoe that no body has my back more then they do. 10). Country livin is my lifestyle :)

♥ .... Ima gal from Oktaha,Ok. Who loves and enjoys this creative talent called Photography. Becka Jeans Photography is a site where I can share my passions and show off my talents. My passion and love for this hobby started at a young age, taking pictures was always on my mind and always something I was doing. My first camera was a Kodiak Easyshare C813. That was one of the best camera's I had. I litera...lly worked it til it stopped working, then thats when I got my Canon Rebel EOS XT, which is my baby. One of the first digital rebels Canon came out with, its a collectable if you ask me. I worked at Ruth Kelly Studios as a photographer, just talking with the kids. Seeing their smiles, making them smile, and seeing the shyness of the toddlers is what really focused my attention on photography even more, and got me into this hobby for the fun of it, just to see the smiles on peoples faces. The rebel isnt the only Canon I have, on my 18th birthday I got the Canon Powershot SX110IS, and now I proudly do photography with not just my collectable (which stays put up most of the time),and SX110, but with my Canon Powershot SX130IS But now excited since for Christmas of 2011! I got the Sony Alpha DSLR!! This camera has been amazing for the lil time I've owned it. The colors so vibrant and rich, Still I dont claim to be a professional photographer. Im just a small town gal who has that passion of collecting camera's. Its all bout goin out, havin fun with friends and family, enjoy the lil things, and bring out the undefined beauty of the world. For whatever is captured on film is captured forever! :) ♥