David Beck

Washington, D.C.

At the age of 6 yrs old, David knew his mission to the world was written in the heavens. Better yet, the mission he path would follow was blasting off into existence from that point till now. David entered college as a engineering freshman, already signed up to be a soldier but one on a different path, as a scientist and astronaut transporting the idea of humanity to far reaches of the universe. Upon finding out that the dream of being and astronaut would be halted for a time. David pursued his military service to learn understand team work and discipline which as a engineer and scientist builds character and sets him apart but together with other of his trade. The decision to evolve into a scientist, engineering enthusiasist was destined as transformation from flying high, to concepts of building ways of flying challenged his intellect. David has over 18 yrs of service to transportation industry. Designing, engineering, building, project managing amazing conception and bridging the gap from science fiction to science reality.

Today, David works alongside engineers and lawmakers that prevent transportation issues by making sure we have the best rules and technology concepts on our roads and in our skies with the United States Dept of Transportation in Washington, D.C.

In the near future, David will get his chance before he is done to fly, but this time the ship will bear his name...existing for us all to accomplish our dreams as well.

  • Work
    • Transportation Safety
  • Education
    • B.S. Industrial Engineer, M.B.A Marketing, M.S. Information Security