Bruce Eckfeldt

New York, New York, United States

My career spans almost twenty years of amazing opportunities that have contributed to my unique vision of business strategy and product development methodology. I am a creative problem solver and strategist who loves learning new domains and solving interesting challenges. I’ve had the fortune to work with many companies, from freshly-minted startups to some of the worlds most established and complex enterprises such as Motorola, Boeing, and the Department of Defense.

I began in architecture, where I realized the principles of building design and construction could apply to interactive product design and user experience. A switch to software design in 1998 infused me with a love for tech-based problem-solving, and led to my founding Cyrus Innovation in 2003 to focus on Agile and Extreme Programming (XP). The raw materials at hand? $500. A website. And a cornerstone vision: Provide Lean/Agile software development services (Agile, XP, SCRUM, Kanban) to companies looking to build complex, innovative software products. Today, Cyrus continues to provide top-shelf Agile development and coaching services and I serve as VP Enterprise Development developing long-term relationships and strategic partnerships.

In early 2014 I joined Psynet Group as CEO. Psynet is a management consulting firm comprised of business psychologists and human resource professionals. We specialize in helping companies select better people and develop their thinking, leadership, and management skills.

Outside of Psynet, I serve as a strategic advisor and team coach to several companies helping them with business strategy and operations, digital marketing and customer research, product design and development, product testing and innovation, process coaching for design/development teams, and product management and delivery. I specialize in architecting complex enterprise web and mobile applications and developing high-performance innovation teams.

  • Work
    • BWBR Architects
  • Education
    • McGill University, School of Architecture
    • Entrepreneurs Organization / MIT Enterprise Forum