Beckie Berry

I have a quiet determination and sharp mind; I am focused and buckle down when it comes to work. I am the type of person one looks to in a crisis. While others may provide emotional support in a situation, I am clear and logical thinking which allows me to solve the problem at hand. I may be firm, but my actions are generally very fair. I believe in putting in the work and don’t expect favors to get ahead. I am someone who foresees trouble through purposefully planning, and achieves success through persistence. Additionally, I am a careful thinker and get details before making any decisions. I do not jump to conclusions and I stick with the facts that have been provided. In other words, I am the go-to person for the real story, not the spin or gossip. While others may sometimes see me as stubborn, they begrudgingly respect my ethics and straightforward approach. I am very conscientious. I am intelligent and reliable and I love the fact that I have the option in succeeding in life, which succeeding is my goal. Things in my life are organized and planned well. I am border-line on being a total perfectionist; as I realize perfection is not attainable.