beck kaleb

boss ass bitch in the United States

beck kaleb

boss ass bitch in the United States

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hey! my name is beckett, but my friends mainly call me beck. please note, i said my friends. i get super uncomfortable when people i dont know call me that, so just dont.


i dont like anon messages, if you send me one im going to block you.

my pronouns are they/them and ONLY they/them. some people will say i use he/him, and thats a lie.

I AM FICTIONKIN, but i mainly id. my kins are rose lalonde, aradia megido, nathan prescott, and josh washington. im cool with doubles.

im agender, though i apparently look feminine. with that being said i sometimes refer to myself as a boy, but mainly jokingly.

my instagram is @bxkaleb, but i change my name on there a lot to keep certain people from knowing me.

if you associate yourself with braxton or marsh get your ass 100000000 miles away from my blog. im not in the mood for their bs anymore.

i post about char a lot, but she is not my girlfriend. im single right now and i like it that way. if you message me trying to start up a relationship ill prob block you bc that makes me uncomfortable.

also, i shouldnt have to say this but IM WHITE. for some reason, ive had people message me calling me some racial slurs. im not asian in any sort of way. im a mayo demon from the depths of hell.

ALSO, if youre racist in any sort of way get your ass off of here. im a huge supporter of the blm movement and i believe in equal rights for all races. if you dont, bye hunty.

i have several mental disorders, ableism will not be tolerated on this page.

thank you!

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