Beck Wong

Age: 29 Gender: Male

Educational Background: 2003 got bachelor degree from Shandong Normal University

Major: Computer science and technology

Technology and Management experience:
With 8 years’ experience of product development and management, I am not only good at product development on Win32,Java and, but also iOS and Android. I was on the shortlist of “Microsoft China Top 50 Dev-hero”. I have designed and completed high-DAU BBS system, Windows Mobile, Android Mobile Phone Client, iOS and Android Game Client with leading my team. Otherwise, paying attention to the news of technology and product of Internet is one of my work habits every day.

Interests and Hobbies:
I’d like to listen to absolute music and see movies. Nicolas Cage is one of my favorite actors. I have been reading “Southern Weekly” for 12ys.Its freedom and democracy interest me a lot and make me believe that it will be more legal and democratic in China. I am also interested in finance and economics. I like reading “Principles of Economics” written by Mankiw and watching TV program and Internet related. Realtime Strategy Game is my favorite game. I love playing Xbox360 and Wii with my family when we are free.