Becky Ross Michael

Fiction writer and Freelance editor in Texas

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In my new writing for adults, I've just completed a short story set in the 1960s that contains an air of mystery and addresses the theme of how dramatically the past can affect our present lives. "Romantivores", another story originally appearing in "Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine", is now available for Kindle on Amazon.

I've been putting the finishing touches on a picture book based on a young boy who thinks his father may accidentally poison his family with a homemade concoction! I'm also working on a chapter book for kids about a young girl whose challenges reach far beyond being a "worry wart".

I carve out time each day to review and edit online content, mainly for a web media company offering courses and educational articles. This work helps "pay the bills" and serves as a connection to the teaching I left behind with an early retirement.

Other passions include spending time with my daughters and their families, reading, cooking, indoor container gardening, and collecting vintage items, such as books and glassware. Those interests, along with the pursuit of publication, often find their way into my blog, "Platform Number 4", which may be accessed through the link above.