Becky Michael

Writer and Editor in Texas

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I'm a Michigan girl and former teacher now living in North Texas. After I take off my "editor's hat," a favorite part of the work day is when I get creative with my own books and stories.

You might also find me:

* spending time with family and friends

*meeting with writing critique groups

*reading for pleasure or information

*attending book clubs

*cooking vegan foods

*walking briskly, either outdoors or on the treadmill

*tending my numerous plants

*watching TV, especially British and Aussie shows on Acorn or PBS

*listening to Contemporary Folk Radio on Pandora (yes, I DO sometimes dance or sing along:)

Although I've recently pared down my collections, I'm always still on the hunt for just the right teapot, that perfect old book, or a rooster figurine with that certain look in its eye.

Come along with me on the journey, at my blog, Platform Number 4!