I'm Becky, a teenager from England and yep, I like photography; like the rest of them.

I can be quite shy and usually don't say what I actually think because I either don't know how to say it or I am scared incase I offend someone. I basically tweet it instead. I overthink most things; most stupid things. I put myself down a lot; but so do most people - otherwise there would be no you are your own worse critic saying. I laugh a lot and it changes all the time. Oh, and I have a twitchy eye but only when I think about it. I walk funny and often can't sleep and stress out a lot, a lot.

I like music, but not One Direction. Although I have noticed, you only have to play 10 seconds of their song at a party and even the one direction disliker's spirits are uplifted. If I was to play my music, everyone would just leave. I like Two Door Cinema Club, The Smiths, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Vaccines, Maximo Park, Ben Howard, Ed Sheeran, The Script, Vampire Weekend, Alt-J, Maroon 5 etc, etc.

I met Greg James on the twenty third of August and it was the first time I had ever been speechless. Most of you won't get me, but he is my favourite famous person ever and I managed to say one sentence it wasn't even one of the ones I wanted to say. The same day, I saw Green Day and Russell Brand and I was no where near as happy as I was when I met him. WTF.

I'm applying to volunteer for the Rio Olympics and I want to travel and stuff; I've been to quite a few places but I want to see most of the world. I have no clue of what I want to do, but maybe journalism or photography, my ultimate dream dream job is Radio 1 producer though, but not for Tim Westwood. I cannot stress my hate for that man, and I'm not an actual "hater" person.