Becky Rose

Educated at the University of Utah for her Bachelor's degree in Geo-sciences, Becky later pursued her graduate degree at Clayton College of Natural Heath in Birmingham, AL where she earned a Master's Degree in Holistic Nutrition. Passionate about the field of Biochemistry and Nutrition, Becky continues her education daily by counseling others in sound principles of weight and fat loss by using real food, lifestyle planing and supplementation to bring changes in body composition.

Becky has another passion - for all things fitness. She has endured an incredible journey of body and life changes over the past two years as she has lost over 50 pounds and gained strength and muscle mass. She is an avid "risk-taker' and loves all things adventure and outdoor related including hiking, camping, mountain biking and all things outdoors.

Currently, Becky is pursuing her love of running and is training to run her first half marathon in the summer of 2013 and her first marathon in 2014.

Becky resides with her husband, Paul in Utah with their three cats and best dog, Riley.