Becky Bowersox

I'm the wife of an amazing man and mom to 3 beautiful and joyful kids who joined our family in April 2007. I'm one of the directors of the Norristown Community House and a CCO campus minister. I'm a crepe caterer on the side. I'm a lover of travel, food, and people. I'm passionate about the needs of the world, and I believe that it really is possible to make a difference. I'm also ONE OF 1,000 because I believe that the Adventure Project and Kickstart can change the lives of farmers in Africa. To learn more about the One to 1,000 project and why it's so important, go to The Adventure Project's website. Learn about how they have teamed up with Kickstart in Kenya to help increase farmer's incomes by 1,000% in one growing season while conserving water, providing jobs, and helping more children go to school.