Becky Fox

I am the owner of Fox Fitness a pesonal training and boot camp company located in Knoxville. I also offer online fitness coaching and training to women all located anywhere!

*Fitness Columnist for KnoxNews: *Sponsored athlete by Optimum Nutrition (http://www.optimumnutrition/team.php) & American Bodybuilding (


*Power Systems Catalog and Videos (

*MagazineBlu ( editorial for Clo Lingerie and fitness writer

I always enjoy a challenge whether it be physical or mental. I'm an active person and very health conscious. I look for positive people and positive things. I'm laid back, easy going, and goofy. Currently, my life is going in a million different directions; however, I'm loving every step of it. I'm a personal trainer and own my own business titled Fox Fitness.

I train, teach aerobics, and motivate people to be healthy. I couldn't ask for a better career. In addition to training I also work as a model, which is a creative outlet for me and allows me to step into a different role . Currently, I'm looking to do more fitness, commercial, lifestyle, and editorial type work, so please contact me if you are interested in collaborating.