Becky Freeman

I was Big Piney, WY Champion Marshmallow Roaster 4 years strait as a result of my superior roasting abilities. I rescued three cats and one dog from ole Boo Radley's tree. Survived for a solid month on creatine powder and Wriggley spearmint gum. I devised a caper whose sites were set on stealing the hope diamond--and would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.

I guess, I'm run of the mill 29 year-old professional dancer. I like driving in the fast lane, if you know what I mean--that is, unless someone slow is driving in the fast lane, then I like to drive in the other lanes. Si, es mui bueno en mi pantalones! I think thats how you say, "Each sun that rises is a new chance for victory". I live my life by that silly spanish phrase. I repeat it to myself every morning as I look in the mirror and ready myself for the day.