Becky G

Southern Minnesota

I live in southern Minnesota and I work in Human Services training individuals who have developmental disabilities to live as independently as they can. The work is very interesting as each person I work with is very unique. They work, they participate in volunteer activities, maintain family relationships, make friends, and each one works on unique goals in their lives. Previously, I worked in an ICF (Intermediate Care Facility) where I worked with adults with disablities and faced social and behavioral challenges. I also worked with a group of individuals where were deaf and blind. My field of work is an ongoing caring and learning experience. I also volunteer in a child care program helping very young children and have served as a volunteer teacher. I also volunteer as a financial secrety in my church. In this position, I keep records of donations and produce giving statements for income tax reporting. In my free time I am writing, going on hikes, taking photographs, traveling, play music on my keyboard, and visiting family and friends.

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    • Human Services
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