*Miss Becky*

My name is Becky and I am extremely proud to be from Massachusetts! I'm a shy girl that has a passion for helping people, by day I run a program for homeless adults with mental illness. My biggest passion in life is dance, especially ballet and tap. I'm left-handed and it makes me feel special. I'm the Public Relations Officer for the Paranormal Research Association of Boston, since I was a kid I've always wanted to find the answers that no one has been able to find. I have a fondness for superheroes, especially Spiderman - partly because I would love to be invincible, but mainly because I've always wanted to be someone's hero. I have a degree in Psychology, and I believe that I will never lose the desire to continue learning. I love the beach and nature in general. If I didn't work in mental health, I would love to be a broadway star :) I Love Lucy and Lost are my favorite TV shows of all time, and Lucille Ball is my hero.