Becky Mollenkamp

I have a couple of liberal arts degrees, I failed College Algebra (twice), and the only “code” I know is the one to get me in my apartment building. So what am I doing managing a tech-startup incubator? One word: Serendipity. My first 10 years after college were spent in the cattle pen of Corporate America. The next five were spent in the solitary confinement of a 1-woman freelance business. I've found my happy medium as City Manager at StartupCity. We have created a true community, where entrepreneurs create together, play together, and (most importantly) learn from each other. I dig that. I grew up in St. Louis, Mo. (Go Cards!) but now live and work in downtown Des Moines, the hidden treasure of the Midwest. When not planning awesome educational events for StartupCity, I spend time with my spoiled pups, drink vodka in pitchers with my awesome friends, train for various running events, and even sometimes sit on the couch to contemplate life (or watch whatever smut Bravo throws my way).