Happy Mama

This is a little about me! I was a single parent for several years, struggling to do everything alone all the time. But now I am a work-at-home mom of two, just embarking on my very first year of homeschooling! We are all really looking forward to this new adventure.

I am working towards my Masters Degree in Education, and already have BA of English under my belt. My Fiance is working towards a Machine Tool & Die Degree, all though, I do admit, I am not completely sure what that entails.

My daughter is six, and loves anything that has to do with Princesses, Dancing, and American Girl. Her favorite TV show is currently Sophia the First, Good Luck Charlie, and Jake & The Neverland Pirates. Her favorite movie is (currently) Brave. Her goal in life is to some day be a princess.

My son is 8 months old, and his sole goal in life is to eat 24/7.

I am passionate about many things, my family being foremost. I am also a cloth diapering enthusiast! I love my cloth! I have done a lot of research into CD, so if you have questions, please ask!

  • Education
    • BA English (2012), Ashford University; MAED Ashford University (2014)