Amy Sue Michalik

Writer, Public Speaker, and Small Business Owner in Antigo, Wisconsin

Retired from Law Enforcement after a 15 year career. It always bothered me how police were portrayed in television and film. NOW I'm in a position to do something about it!


Who am I - why should you hire me over any of the other firearms instructors?

Because I've been where very few have gone before me. I'm one of the roughly 15% of women who are actually qualified to teach you. I've been on that side.

There are 18,000, yes you read that right, eighteen THOUSAND different law enforcement agencies in the United States and only about 100,000 employees are women. I have to stop and marvel a second over those numbers. I am pretty BADASS!

I recently had two stories published in the critically acclaimed book, Women Warriors, Tales from the Thin Blue Line.

  • Work
    • Becoming Betty Badass
  • Education
    • Master of Fine Arts - Screenwriting from UCLA 2010-2013
    • B.S. - Physical Ed (non-teaching) from Minnesota State 1991-1995