Laurie Metzger Petrausch, M.S.

Writer, Classical Ballet Instructor, and Garden Manager in Forchheim, Germany

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After spending more than a decade as a professional ballerina, and ballet instructor, Laurie added a master's degree in Horticulture and Garden management to her repertoire. Now as an American living in Bavaria, Germany, she brings an international perspective to everything that she does.

From publishing articles on historic and aging tree management to her personal blog, she's sharing perspective and insight through stories of food, plants and culture.

Since relocating to Franconia (the northern part of Bavaria) she has given numerous talks about the management of historic and aging tree collections, in the USA and in Europe. She is available as a consultant to institutions interested in creating comprehensive management plans for their tree collections.

Available to give classical ballet instruction through master classes, she is now looking for the right faculty position at a ballet school in the region.

She is an arts manager, coordinator, plant lover, teacher and international writer.

What came to light as a result of studying such varied disciplines? A realization that comprehensive management of trees is not unlike comprehensive management of any other system. Schools, companies, and non-profits, like ecosystems, function better with wholistic management systems that are specifically designed and implemented.

  • Work
    • Public Garden Management
  • Education
    • M.S. Public Horticulture Longwood Gardens and U. of Delaware, USA
    • Certificate in Museum Studies U. of Delaware, USA