Hi! I'm Liz. I am one half of Becoming Kalon, a lifestyle blog promoting beauty in its whole form. I'm a San Diego girl living in the glamorous Los Angeles. I love writing, splurging on beauty products, and watching football. That last one should probably be written in flashing capital red letters and highlighted in gold just to capture its importance, because it's that real. Really, there's not much that can come between me and my football. I have a BA in Psychology from San Diego State, where I also minored in Journalism. I also have an MA in Marriage & Family Therapy from USC. I created Becoming Kalon with my sister because there's so much I want to learn from her about fashion, as she took the creative gene of the family and is a classic fashionista. Of course, it cannot be a lifestyle blog without mention of the holy grails of beauty and skincare. But I also wanted an outlet to inspire another type of beauty that as a therapist I've seen so many young women struggle with, the beauty that comes from within. The makeup and the style can come after and are an expression of oneself so I am all for it, but without true love for yourself, it's never going to feel like enough.