Bed and Breakfast To You

Bed and Breakfast To You is a website that matches people who are looking for somewhere to stay across the UK with those who own holiday rental accommodation. Whether you're looking for a cheap bed and breakfast or you are the owner of a small hotel, our site makes finding holiday accommodation or guests simple. It's a different way to find somewhere to stay, helping those who are going on holiday minimise the hassle of looking for accommodation and maximise their leisure time.

If you're going on holiday and want somewhere to stay, all you need to do is register online with Bed and Breakfast to You and anyone with accommodation available can find you. So there's no trawling through page after page of possible places, which means you can spend your time on other things – like researching what you will do when you get there!

Our site gives you the chance to submit detailed criteria (another big time saver) so people with somewhere to rent out know exactly what you're after – and the best bit? It's free! There is even a handy space where you can type more details on what you are looking for, such as somewhere for dogs or somewhere near the beach etc.

And if you own a holiday home, a cheap bed and breakfast, guest house or small hotel and you want to find people to stay with you, it's equally as simple. You register with Bed and Breakfast to You, and when someone searches for a place to stay that matches your accommodation, you will be notified by email and can get in touch with them directly.